TIRA established on 1st of April 2011 register no.(2044) at the ministry of Culture, since then TIRA main objective is to promote Tamazight language and culture, also civic education, human rights, local governance.

TIRA beneficiaries are youth, children and women of the Amazigh communities in the mountain region. Collaborating and cooperating with other local NGO/CSO along with the local government/Municipal. TIRA succeed to implement various cultural activities, Like Children ART and Photography competition, also workshops to introduce art and theater within the educational system.

Media can play a positive role to raise awareness among the youth and the local community to preserve and conserve these symbols (History and heritage), the picture is worth a thousand words.

ⴷⴷⵡⵉ Ddwi - Oral Traditional Heritage of Infusen Region Project of Si Isnayen

Oral memories are form of intangible values, which are knowledge and information pass and communicate with generations. These memories present the social customary\tradition, historical events, geographical environment and literature. The Mountain communities preserved hidden oral heritage, which is in a situation of lost because lack effort of generation to collect and present it from oral to texts form, that can be shared and preserved.

Oral Memory Sample​​


– Children (age 10-14)
–  Mountain communities
–  Local media
–  Cultural and academic entities
–  Social media
–  Public/society (through website)

1. Promote and enhance the communication between generations and memories, through the use of technology.
2. Preserve and conserve this oral memories, shared with the public.

–  Knowledge and lessons
–  Preserve and conserve
–  Community communication
–  Confront and justice towards oral memories

Ddwi, Tamazight of Infusen term which means Oral\ Verbal.

Every community faced during history several of conflicts and matters which caused war, displacement, migration and sometimes leads to genocide. The mountain communities are not an exception of these memories of conflicts. These memories has to be positive lessons to learn and to reform today communities towards stability and civil ethics.
The cumulative memories are passed by the generations, with some of these memories lost and some are in condition of vanish because lack of initiative to collect and to be shared among public.

Project pandemic scenario

TIRA org alternative process to deal with the project in case of covid-19 pandemic will still longer during this year 2020, and therefore here are two options/scenarios TIRA group will take into consideration and plan :-

The project activities design and arrangement through Tele-preparation by social media (Messenger – Viber -Zoom) by the TIRA group project. The project announcement through various communication through Local media and social media, the targeted places :

Places: Yefren – Ferrsetta – Tindemirt (Mountain region)

First Option
In situation that the covid-19 in Tripolitania region was still in first stage (wave) and this according what the official information provided by the National Centre for Disease control-Tripoli

TIRA will get in contact with the National Centre for Disease control-Tripoli
National Centre for Disease control-Tripoli official pages :-

These are how the project path will follow :-

Activity – Workshop
Design mini-tutorial the use of the mobile to record oral memories (Folktales, Social historical events and Toponymy) as images/pdf. Also with simple knowledge to treat the old documents for preservation.

Topics of the workshop
– Intro on Audio record by Smartphone
– record the oral memories using Smartphone (Skills and methodology)
– Upload oral records on the website

1- Tinfas

2- Social and historical events

3. Toponymy (Place name)

Folktales and Myths
1- Agricultural and harvesting tradition, olive\ trees plantation
2- Social demography

Place-name: Geographical features, ancient monuments, old sanctuaries\temples and villages.

This tutorial can be also in short video explain the tutorial (not more than 1 min)

-Arrange with the field coordinator of the three targeted places (Yefren- Ferrsetta- Tindemiret).
-Announce through the Local media & social media page (and by the previous participants) .
-Create a space group through viber or whatsapp with the participants.
-Call the participants (previous participated of first project) to join the space group.